Educational institutions in Islamabad to remain shut from Tuesday

Educational institutions in Islamabad to remain shut from Tuesday

ISLAMABAD: In protest of the government’s decision to place the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) under the administrative control of the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation, a teacher’s representative body has announced that all government-run educational institutions will remain closed for an indefinite period beginning Tuesday (MCI).

Following the issue of a new ordinance amending the Islamabad Capital Territory Local Government Act 2015, the movie was made. The FDE director-general will be selected in cooperation with the Islamabad mayor under the new ordinance.

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In the Islamabad Capital Territory, the FDE, an associated department of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training, is responsible for 424 educational institutions, including schools and colleges (ICT). In both rural and urban parts of the ICT, these institutions provide education from pre-school through master’s level.

Teachers and non-teaching employees will protest the government’s move in their individual institutions, according to the Federal Government Joint Action Committee.

Fazal Maula, the committee’s chairman, told the media that no academic activity will take place in any government educational institution starting Tuesday and that there will be a complete boycott of courses.


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He claimed that the government had used legislation to place all educational institutions under the control of the mayor, afraid that the employees’ status might be altered if the institutions were privatized.

While criticizing the proposal, Maula claimed that it would seriously harm the capital’s education system, adding that it increases the risk of political meddling in educational institutions’ affairs.

The committee also announced a rally from the Islamabad Press Club to Parliament House, as well as a sit-in if the administration does not reverse the decision.

Meanwhile, instructors and non-teaching personnel have expressed their displeasure with the new rule, claiming that putting the education department under the control of the local government will exacerbate the department’s issues.

President of the Federal Government Teachers’ Association, Malik Amir Khan, stated that education is a national cause rather than an administrative one. He demanded that the decision be reconsidered and that the FDE be returned to the ministry of education’s administrative control.


Teachers’ groups have stated that following the FDE’s independence from the ministry of education, there will be administrative difficulties in achieving other goals, such as finishing projects supported by international donor organizations.

The move, according to teaching and non-teaching employees, will not only lower educational standards but also enhance political meddling in the industry.

Malik Amir went on to say that the educational system should not be used as a testbed for new ideas. According to him, the decision will devastate the educational industry.

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