How to Prepare for the PPSC Exams Properly

How to Prepare for the PPSC Exams Properly

There are a lot of people who want to start preparing for the PPSC jobs. But, sometimes, they don’t get the point of where they should start or which material or books will be helpful for the exams. So, here we will provide some basic and essential tips that will help you in the exam preparation even within a short time. 

As for the PPSC jobs, it is mandatory to pass the PPSC Test/written exams with excellent marks. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do jobs. So, those applicants who want to do PPSC jobs must prepare for the exams properly and try their best to perform well. Here is one thing that you must know that there is negative marking in the PPSC exams. For example, if you mark one wrong question, then 0.25 marks will be deducted. So, before marking the answer, make sure that you know the answer. 


Thus, below are some basic instructions by following which you will be able to prepare for the PPSC exams properly. Thus, read the article till the end.

Ways/Tips to Prepare for the PPSC Exam

Those who want to appear or going to appear in the PPSC exams will get the idea from here that will help them in the preparation of PPSC exams. So, let’s talk about some basic tips.

  1. Time table
  2. Relevant material according to the syllabus
  3. Group study
  4. Important topic from the syllabus
  5. Help from Past Papers
  6. Stay calm and do focused study

1. Time Table

Before starting the preparation of any test, setting the timetable for the study is one of the important things. Time tables help you a lot in the focused study. Sometimes, people make schedules and can’t follow them. That is not a good thing. Making timetables is easy, and doing your tasks according to them requires dedication toward the goals.

At the same time, while making the timetable, make sure that within the set time, you have covered all the necessary topics. Averagely, 4-5 hours a day are enough for focused study. However, if you have a shorter time, you can extend the duration according to your choice. Try to structure such a timetable that helps you in the study without affecting your health.

2. Relevant Material

For the preparation of PPSC exams, choose the material that is according to the updated syllabus. PPSC announces the syllabus of all posts on the advertisement. So, before selecting a book or material for study, make sure that those materials contain all topics. At the same time, you can also consult with your teachers and seniors regarding choosing books or preparation material.

3. Group Study

Group study also helps a lot in the preparation. In the group, you can share your problems with your friends and get the solution. But, here is a thing that a group should contain 3-4 members only. 

4. Important Topics

Before starting the preparation, mark the important topic from the syllabus. Keep your focus on that important topic but should leave unimportant or less important topics. The purpose of marking the important topics is that you must memorize them correctly. Thus, for this purpose, you can take help without seniors, professors, or other related persons.


5. Past Papers

Past papers are best to use as a preparatory material because it helps you in getting the idea about the question nature, important topics, timing, etc. In short, past papers help you in various ways that will be helpful for exam preparation.

6. Stay Calm and do focused study

During the study, don’t let down your health. Keep your practice continuing in a healthy manner. Preparation for an exam doesn’t mean that you have to study the whole day without any break. Focused study for a few hours is better than unfocused whole day study. So, during study time, keep your focus on your studies. After that, you must do your other routine tasks to keep yourself healthy.

So, these are some essential tips for all those who will appear not only in the PPSC exam but in any other exams. Other than that, if you want to get the information regarding the latest PPSC jobs, then visit the website. That website provides all the latest news regarding the service commissions. 

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